Domaine Laroche Chablis Grand Cru Les Blanchots 2016

Domaine Laroche Chablis Grand Cru Les Blanchots


The favourite Grand Cru of Domaine Laroche, offering much finesse and charm.

Les Blanchots is a unique terroir made of a layer of white clay on Kimmeridgian limestone with ammonites. This is the ideal combination to keep the right amount of water for roots. The South-East exposure allows slow ripening and favours aroma development. Blanchots is delicate, silky and shows its charm after 5 years in bottle. At peak after 10 to 12 years.

About this Wine

Country France
Region Burgundy
Appellation Chablis Grand Cru
Winery Domaine Laroche
Vintage 2016
Color White
Closure Natural Cork
Volume 750ml
Bottle Size 750
Case Size 12
Alcohol 13%
Product Code 2617016
Inventory In Stock



Winery Description

‟Domaine Laroche is involved in a large-scale approach of sustainability that implies an environment-friendly viticulture.

Let us explain further. It all relies on taking the relationship between vine, soil, climate and environment into account. We therefore observe that if plants are well-balanced, we can reduce treatments significantly, as they can naturally fight against pests and diseases.

We have our own specifications relying on a few simple principles: no weed killers, no pesticides, no anti-botrytis treatments. Those must help vine and not disturb their general balance or the ripening of grapes. We experiment natural treatments using nettle and valerian and it looks very efficient.”


From grapes to wine

‟Considering environment for viticulture only has little sense. In the winery, we use the same simple principles: minimal treatments, reduction of power consumption and use of rainfall water.

If you really want to take environment into account in your daily work, you need skilled people. You can’t insist too much on this. They help to build new experiences. We encourage apprenticeship, because it helps to transmit manual work on to new generations.”

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